an unpronounceable symbol (b2epiphone) wrote in difficultkind,
an unpronounceable symbol

i know you all can fill this out better than i did ...

Choose a band/artist and answer ONLY IN SONG TITLES by that band (you pick your own band or artist)
Artist/band: Sheryl Crow

Are you male or female: Steve McQueen

Describe yourself: The Difficult Kind

How do some people feel about you: A Change (Could Do You Good)

How do you feel about yourself: Strong Enough

Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend: Run Baby Run

Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend: My Favorite Mistake

Describe where you want to be: Home

Describe what you want to be: Safe and Sound

Describe how you live: Superstar

Describe how you love: Anything But Down

Share a few words of wisdom: Love is a Good Thing
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